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Clear acrylic 3-ladder display
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The acrylic counter displays are widely used in market, hotel, office and restaurant etc, they are in very hot position. 

(1) This kind of counter displays are made of high quality imported acrylic materials which are clear sheet with high polishing. the size is 30x27x23cm, thickness is 5mm.
(2) New designs, skillful working with nice look. 
(3) Any size, colors and designs are available 
(4) Arts and crafts: Frosted, polished and gluing etc. 
(5) Different styles and custom designs are accepted 
(6) Package: Individually carton packed or customized according to client's requirements, 
(7) A variety of industries are supplied with our products, for example: Building, Heavy Industry, Mining, Electrical, Commercial, Transport, Hospitality and Memorial. 
(8) We look forward to working with you to make custom ideas a reality. 

Brief manufacturing of the process: 
Paint-spraying, sand-blasting, silk-screen, printing, hot-bend, grinding, polishing, laser engraving&, cutting, laser marking etc.

Equipment: Milling machine, trimming machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, plastic forming machine, hot-bending machine, laser engraving machine, engraving machine, baking etc.
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