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Acrylic Photo Frames

Although traditional photo frames are still popular, acrylic photo frames in particular have their place in our lives too. In fact, these Perspex based products are a lot more versatile than people give them credit for. They are much harder to break than traditional frames and allow you to display photographs or flyers in full view. This means that no portion of the image is obscured by the frame itself

In the past, we often use the wood and plastic material to produce the photo frame, now, we find a better way to display the photos, that is acrylic photo frame.First reason is that the acrylic photo frame is more transparent, then, the acrylic material is much hard to be broken, the photos can be displayed in it for a long long time.

Most of occasions on which these acrylic photo frames are quite useful.

1. Resaurant and hotel
the acrylic photo frames are very useful for the restaurant and hotel,because they are available in different sizes that can be fit for menu paper sizes.It can help to display the new menu and advertisements that you want to let people know.

2.Displaying the goods price tag if you walk into a furniture store,they are great for price tag, that feels very professional,more importantly, people know how much for each item, no need to ask the service staff about each one.

3.Wedding occasion
Acrylic frames, whether they are for the wall or desktop, provide the perfect memorabilia when you allow your guests to insert their favorite photos of the big event. It commemorates a day worth remembering and allows your guests to take home something unique.

4.At the office
Acrylic photo frames as photo blocks are the perfect addition to an office environment. They are just the right balance between getting too personal and creating an eyesore on your desk. There are numerous design styles when you look for acrylic frames, and they are available as printed photo blocks, freestanding desktop frames and magnetic blocks as well. The different designs allow you to personalize your desk and filing cabinets, keeping the contemporary look of the office space.

If you are looking for a bulk quantity of acrylic photo frame, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are the leading acrylic photo frame manufacturer and factory, we can satisfy all of your need.


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