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Acrylic display factory from China

As one of the biggest factories for manufacturing acrylic displays in China, Dongguan Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd can supply acrylic cosmetic displays, acrylic makeup stands, acrylic sign holders and other related products at cheap prices and with custom designs.

There are a wide variety of acrylic displays that can be used to display a wide array of items, such as cosmetics, watches, jewelry, mobile phones and others. China based Dongguan Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Company specializes in designing acrylic displays that are suitable for advertising, marketing and promoting products in an attractive and convincing manner. They offer cheap prices and customize the design as per the client’s requirement.

The company can supply custom-made acrylic cosmetic display that is perfect for displaying items, like lipstick, facial cleansers, eyebrows, face cream etc. They design different types of displays that are ideal for displaying these items in an appealing manner. These displays are available in different sizes, colors and a variety of designs. All these displays are made of quality acrylic material that ensures durability. Available at competitive prices, a company can choose from different standard designs and can also request for a custom design to display their products.
According to the spokesperson of the company, clients can get the acrylic makeup stand with their own logo presence. This will allow them to promote their products with their own branding. The spokesperson reveals that they maintain competitive prices and offer professional services and are also ready to take custom orders in any number or quantity. They customize the design that can be suitable for holding small makeup items in a safe and illustrative manner to lure the customers.

They also supply the acrylic sign holder that is excellent for advertising and promoting a brand or products. Clients can choose from a variety of sign holders, such as Magnetic Sign Holder, LED fitted sign holder, name plate sign holder and others. Made of high quality acrylic material, the sign holder is available in clear transparent or any custom color. Clients can also request for any custom size with their own logo or branding.

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