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What are Some Common Use Cases for Acrylic Display Cases and Boxes?

There are a variety of popular uses for small and large acrylic display cases and boxes. Display cases are most commonly used for showcasing awards, artwork, sculptures, antiques, collectible items, jewelry, food, and sports memorabilia. Display cases are often used inside of retail locations, museums, galleries, schools, professional offices, and living space environments. Clear acrylic boxes have a variety of uses as well including donation and ballot boxes, brochure holders, jewelry and makeup storage, as well as protect collector and novelty items.

How Do Acrylic Display Cases and Plexiglass Cases Compare to Glass Cases?
Acrylic display cases may seem just like glass display cases at first glance, but there are many advantages to using clear acrylic over glass. Acrylic is more transparent than glass. Glass can have a green tint to it that can slightly distort the view, which is not ideal when showcasing items. Acrylic is safer and stronger than glass. Glass is far more likely to shatter than acrylic because acrylic has a greater break-resistance. Acrylic plastic is also lighter than glass, which makes it easier to transport and lowers the cost of shipping prices. Lastly, acrylic is easier to shape and mold than glass, allowing us to be flexible and creative with the products that we offer.

What is the Best Kind of Plastic to Use for Display Cases?
The best type of material to use for display cases is clear acrylic, sometimes referred to as plexiglass or lucite. This type of plastic is shatter resistant which makes it safer to use in high traffic areas when compared to glass. Acrylic is lighter than glass, so when a display case is positioned on a wall, there is less weight to consider. Acrylic and plexiglass filter out more ultraviolet lights than glass and is more optically clear, which allows it to create a better overall presentation.

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