Acrylic Box / Case
      Acrylic Jewelry Display
      Acrylic Cosmetic Display
      Acrylic Table Tent
      Acrylic Card Holder
      Acrylic Brochure Holder
      Acrylic Watch Display
      Acrylic Candy Box
      Acrylic Photo Frame
      Acrylic Phone Holder
      Acrylic Pen Holder
      Acrylic Tissue Box
      Acrylic Shoe Display
      Acrylic Cake Holder
      Acrylic Donation Box
      Acrylic Blocks
      Acrylic Sign Holder
      Acrylic Calendar Stand
      Acrylic Glasses Display
      Acrylic Counter Displays
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Dongguan Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co.,Ltd.  is one of biggest prefessional manufacturer of acrylic box and acrylic display in China. we adhere to the “customer first, quality-or  iented, innovation, excellence” business philosophy, rich experience workers, good service, professional technology, advanced production equipment, clean production environment, strong manufacturing capability and try our best to do every detail for our customers.

    Company Introductions: founded in 2003,over 10 years experience, about 150 workers, 15 engineers, including 8 departments: R&D Department, Production Dept., QC Dept., Sales Dept., Finance Dept., Customer service Dept., Purchasing Dept., HR Dept.Production Department also contains Sample Department, Cutting Dept., Laser Dept., Hot-bending Dept., Engineering Dept., Polishing Dept., Packing Dept., Screen-printing Dept..

    Production Equipments: Material cutting machines, Automatic material cutting machines, High-precision laser cutting machines, CNC machines, Laser engraving machines, Ovens, Flast polishing machines, Polishing machines, Drilling machines, Oven machine, Screen printing machines etc.

    Our Customers: Wallmart, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, NOKIA, Union pay, Montagut, Coca Cola, SABmiller, L'OREAL, China Mobile, Hedy, Qindao Beer etc.

Product Range:
Acrylic Menu Holders            Acrylic Photo Frames              Acrylic Cosmetic Displays
Acrylic Sign Holders              Acrylic Watch Displays           Acrylic Brochures
Acrylic Eyeglass Displays     Acrylic Coasters                      Acrylic LED Displays
Acrylic Jewelry Displays        Acrylic Awards                        Acrylic Boxs/ Cases
Acrylic Phone Holders           Acrylic Paperweights               Acrylic Pen Holders
Acrylic Tissue Boxs              Acrylic Shoe Displays              Acrylic Calender Stands
Acrylic Blocks                      Acrylic Displays                      PS/ PVC Displays

    If you have any acrylic projects, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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